CGAP Infrastructure Landing Page

Welcome! This landing page contains some information on what CGAP is and how to get started with the deployment of CGAP.


The Computational Genome Analysis Platform (CGAP) is an intuitive, open-source analysis tool designed to support complex research & clinical genomics workflows. It implements powerful variant discovery & diagnostic tools for individual samples and cohorts with clinical accuracy and reporting capabilities in one platform. CGAP is built on the AWS Cloud and is intended to be used within a single isolated AWS Account.

If you are interested in deploying CGAP, access to the infrastructure repository (4dn-cloud-infra) can be negotiated. Once the repository is open source this step will not be necessary, but at this time the system is considered to be in alpha stage release only, available on a confidential basis to a limited audience for early feedback. After we have assessed the stability we will open source this repository under an appropriate license.

Until then, please reach out the CGAP Operations team for access to the code. We will work with you to deploy and adapt CGAP to the needs of your project.